Stock Markets
IndexValue    Move %  
FTSE 1005,415.50-64.72 -1.18 
FTSE 25014,099.20-337.59 -2.34 
FTSE 3502,996.97-41.51 -1.37 
FTSE All Share2,958.40-40.14 -1.34 
New York
IndexValue    Move %  
Dow Jones21,052.50-360.91 -1.69 
Nasdaq7,528.11-107.54 -1.41 
S&P 5002,488.65-38.25 -1.51 
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UK News

Boris Johnson is undergoing "routine tests", 10 days after he was diagnosed with coronavirus.
Scotland's chief medical officer quits after visiting her second home despite the lockdown rules.
Staff dispensing medicines say they urgently need more protective gear to guard against coronavirus.
The figures follow warnings victims could find it harder to escape their abusers during lockdown.
The move comes as tech giant Apple says it will start making face shields for medical workers.